The Experience with a German Bottle Recycling Machine

German Bottle Recycling Machine

Cool German bottle recycling machine, you’ll find everywhere and they give you money for your empty bottles and cans! These machines have been around since the 1990s.

Every time you buy a bottle or a can in German supermarkets you pay a bit extra (8 – 25 cents) so that you are encouraged to return it, like it many U.S. states. After you have inserted all your bottles in the machine it prints out your bottle’s return receipt, and you continue to do the shopping.  At the checkout you ssimplygive the cashier your bottle recycling receipt and this amount is taken off your shopping bill.

This system is very smart and definitely much more fun that simply placing your bottle in a dirty recycling bin.

This recycling system significantly helps to avoid litter, it reduces landfills and also saves our limited natural resources – that we borrow from our children!