Museum Island

The Museum Island complex of five museums in the heart of Berlin is a unique architectural and cultural ensemble – and has been a World Heritage Site since 1999.

  1. The Altes Museum focuses entirely on the Roman and Greek cultures (classical sculptures, weapons, gold jewellery and silver treasures).
  2. The Neues Museum is home to the Museum of Prehistory and Early History, the Egyptian Museum and the Papyrus Collection.
  3. The Alte Nationalgalerie is dedicated to 9th century artworks (including Casper David Friedrich).
  4. The Pergamon Museum is the largest building on Museum Island and contains many impressive exhibits (partial reconstruction of the Pergamon Altar, Roman Milet Market Gate and the BabylonianIshtar Gate).
  5. The Bode Museum, at the tip of the island, holds such treasures as Byzantium art works and a fascinating sculpture collection.