berghain nightclub berlin
Touted by many as the best club in Berlin, Berghain is definitely not for asthmatic, weedy types who were always trying to skip gym. In this industrial-style warehouse club you’ll find the hardest of Berlin’s hardcore pushing squares ’til way past breakfast time. The beats are relentless, the atmosphere hedonistic…

And the crowd? Well you’re never quite sure if the menacing, bare-chested toyboys are scowling at you, or eyeing you up. Upstairs in the Panorama bar, things are very slightly more civilized – but not much. A friendly crowd processes packets of chemicals into buckets of sweat way into the following day!

Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin

I went to Berghain with two guy friends in mid may. We knew about their door policy and the possibility that we might get rejected. We went at 6 am and waited for about half an hour in line. the bouncer just asked how many of us there were, we said ‘drei’ and we got in w/o any trouble. Berghain was pretty okay and the crowd was really diverse, there were some really wonderful people there. we stayed until the next day in the afternoon and went home to sleep a bit and then went back to party a bit more. loved Berghain – it’s the most special club that I have ever been to. the vibe, music and people are amazing.

Speechless. My friends and I were reading all the reviews and stressing out about getting in. In the end we chucked on our usual attire (casual and trendy) and went for it. Everyone was wearing coats anyway so it’s really got nothing to do with what your wearing EXCEPT…any girls wearing heels, short dresses and too much makeup were turned away. It’s not your average club. It’s a warehouse. Basically if your wearing heels your not prepared to dance into the next afternoon, which is the experience here. We were asked in English ‘how many’ replied in Englih and went through. This was a Saturday night about 2am. I would advise big groups to split up intros 2’s or 3’s and don’t draw bad attention to yourselves by being loud or dunk in line. At the end of the day, he gets a vibe or not. It was an amazing place filled with cool people there to enjoy the beats. Give it a go! So worth it. I think I left my soul in there!

Wow. Arrived with one male buddy close to 3:30AM on SAT morning and stood in line for about 45 min. Dressed casual – nothing crazy. Didn’t really know the deal until I saw a guy being forcibly expelled but honestly he was acting a fool. Line was dead quiet. As I got closer I started to see several lone guys getting rejected and they had no idea what just hit them. At this point I started to get a bit nervous too but stayed cool – there are plenty of clubs in Berlin anyway. When I was finally about to be judged I just looked straight at them nonchalantly and got waved in. Hooray. Yeah I felt bad for the peeps sent away but it could have just as easily been me and I think this is part of the whole experience. I noticed the guy behind the cash counter had on a Sheer Terror shirt and complimented him on it in English since I was once big into NYC Hardcore punk too – he smiled back and the party began. Ridiculously efficient coat check then up the stairs to Berghain. (My buddy warned me to avoid the basement as things taking place there could not be unseen…) Thumping beats from the insane Funktion One sound system inside the main floor – this is the worldwide church of techno! Loads of fetishists and bears on speed grooving to the beat – you then realize the door policy has made for an amazing cast of characters in this awesome party!!! Then up to Panorama Bar with it’s deep house grooves as the window blinds automatically opened to let the daylight in. This place is otherworldly. Decided to take a break to the more lighthearted Kater Holzig club for a few hours and then walked right back into Berghain with our stamps. Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock were ruling the decks giving me a new appreciation for purist techno. The only reason I departed at 3PM the following day was to make my train. Nobody parties like the Berliners.