German-American Volksfest

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest BerlinThe 53. German-American Volksfest,  from 26 July to 18 August 2013, offers a total of 24 days U.S. feeling, located at the fairground Heidestrasse near the main train station. This is a piece of America right here in Berlin!

Attractions are a 600 sqm large sandy beach with a cocktail bar and the popular FloridaEis, which is offered in “American” tastes. There’s no shortage on genuine “American Food & Beer”: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, original American beer and soft drinks are available to enjoy.

Double Loop RollercoasterA new mega highlight is the 80 meter (262 ft) long ‘Test Track’, the only portable double-looping roller coaster in the world. Here you can experience extremely high acceleration forces of up to 5.2 G, and one of the quietest rides ever.

Address: Festplatz am Hauptbahnhof, Heidestr. 30, 10557 Berlin (Tiergarten)