Berlin Döner

There is an urban myth that the Döner was invented by a Turkish immigrant in Berlin in the 70s.

What this guy did invent, in the 1970s, was the takeaway Döner Kebab. “I know,” he thought. “It would be great if my customers could take away their meat and salad and I didn’t have to have them hanging around my restaurant all day making bad jokes.” And he cunningly dumped it all in a pita and bid them farewell.

However, the Döner has become one of Germany’s most popular fast foods. Every day more than 400 tonnes of döner kebab meat is produced in Germany by around 350 firms. At the same ATDID fair, Tasyumruk stated that ‘Annual sales in Germany amount to 2.5 billion euros. That shows we are one of the biggest fast-foods in Germany. In many cities throughout Germany, “Döner” (as it is usually called) is more popular than hamburgers or sausages, especially with young people. Veal and chicken are widely used instead of lamb, particularly by vendors with large ethnic German customer bases, for whom lamb is traditionally less preferred.

Typically, along with the meat, a salad consisting of chopped lettuce, cabbage, onions, cucumber, and tomatoes is offered, as well as a choice of sauces—hot sauce (scharfe Soße), herb sauce (Kräutersoße), garlic sauce (Knoblauchsoße), or yogurt (Joghurtsoße). The filling is served in thick flatbread (Fladenbrot) that is usually toasted or warmed. There are different variations on the döner kebab. A variety is achieved by placing the ingredients on a lahmacun (a flat round dough topped with minced meat and spices) and then rolling the ingredients inside the dough into a tube that is eaten out of a wrapping of usually aluminum foil (Türkische Pizza). When plain dough is used (without the typical Lahmacun spices and minced meat) the rolled kebab is called “dürüm döner” or “döner yufka.”

If you on a shopping spree at Wilmerdorfer Strasse Pedestrian Mall visit the Kant-In Bistro, Kantstr.109. Great Döner, service, cold beer and some liquor as well as a big screen showing Turkish TV.