Television Tower

Berlin TV Tower
Anyone who has ever been to Berlin has seen it. Indeed, it is hard to imagine not being able to take notice of it. The Berlin Television Tower, which is 368 meters tall, is the highest publicly accessible building in Europe and with almost 1.2 million visitors every year, the Berlin TV tower is one of the most popular attractions for tourists in Berlin.

From 203 and 207 meters high you can look out over the entire city with its large number of tourist attractions: you can see the Reichstag (Parliament building), the Brandenburg Gate and the Main Railway Station from here, as well as the Olympic Stadium, the Museum Island (Museumsinsel) and the Potsdam Square (Potsdamer Platz).

The Berlin Television Tower, or the Berliner Fernsehturm as it is known to Berliners, was inaugurated on 3 October 1969 just before the 20th anniversary of the GDR. For Walter Ulbricht, who was the State Council Chairman of the GDR at the time, it was one of the most important symbols demonstrating the superiority of socialist societies. The construction of the Berlin Television Tower showed that a better future was being built in the East.

But while the GDR has long since been history, the Berlin Television Tower still stands – and it is now accepted as a landmark for all of Germany. Every year more than a million visitors from 86 countries go up 200 metres to the observational level and there take in a breathtaking view of the bus-tling and constantly changing city. And so it comes as no surprise that many of those who come back down end up purchasing posters, t-shirts or cushions showcasing the Berlin Television Tower, which has become a cool symbol of the united city of Berlin.

Opening Hours:
March to October: Daily from 9 a.m. to midnight
November to February: Daily from 10 a.m. to midnight

Panoramastraße 1a
10178 Berlin Mitte
Tel.: 030 – 030-247 57 58 75